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British wildlife and animal rights artist

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Seven sisters card


Sea Otters can live in large groups that are up to 100 in size called rafts and the males and the females stay separated from each other unless it is mating season. This painting depicts a girl gang of female otters. Otters also enjoy the socialization of their raft as well as the safety of it. However, they are also independent creatures that like to be on their own as well. This is why you can often see them exploring and being curious on their own. Instead of following a given routine they tend to try new things and to be very creative.

I have also painted the star constellation of The Pleides – Seven Sisters above them in the sky. The Pleiades, according to the first Greek myth, were the seven daughters of Pleione and Atlas, the giant who bears the world upon his shoulders. These seven maidens, along with their sisters the Hyades, were transformed into stars because of their “amiable virtues and mutual affection” and because of their great sorrow at the burden imposed upon their father, Atlas.

The card is A5 and printed on recycleed paper without any plastic packaging.