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Naomi Joy Art

British wildlife and animal rights artist

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Frequently asked questions

How do I order a pet portrait?


Please fill in the form on the prices page with as much detail as possible and I will get back to you. You will need to pay a 50% deposit to book your space and send photo(s) before I begin.


Can I use old photos from an animal that is sadly no longer with us?


Yes! Send me whatever you can and I'll see what we can do. Obviously better quality images are much easier for me to work from but I have worked from low quality images in the past.


I want two or more animals painted together, but no photos of them together, is this possible?


Definitely. If you send the photos you want and I will create a mock up of the painting with the animals together for you to approve before painting.


How long will my painting take?


The waiting list averages about a month and then it may take a few days to a week to complete, I currently only work in my studio four days and week and work for a disability charity on the other working day as well as voluntary work with animals.


I live in the USA/Europe/elsewhere can I order a painting?


Yes, but higher postage and packaging costs may incur. If you contact me we might arrange to do the painting on to paper instead on canvas.


How and when do I pay?


Once you have contacted me I will get back to you with all the information you need and we will discuss your painting. Once you are happy to go ahead I will send you bank details to make an online bank transfer to that is 50% of the price of the painting as a deposit. After the painting is finished I send a photo and get your approval. I then post/deliver the painting and the rest of the payment can be paid then which will include the postage and packaging costs.


Do you paint murals/nurseries/children's rooms?

Yes! Please pop over to my other site: www.nestandburrow.moonfruit.com


Help! I need a painting fast for a Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/anything!?


Get in touch as soon as possible. I may be fully booked in which case I physically can't take on more work and get it done in time. Then you have a few options: book and let it be belated, buy a voucher off of me for the person to use, book next time! Sometimes I will be able to shuffle things around to accomodate rush orders but it's safe to book more than a month in advance just in case! I also have some paintings, prints and cards in stock which are on my online shop you could purchase one of these instead.


I saw you at an event selling X, do you still have any that I can buy?


Please contact me as the likelihood is, yes, I normally do. I have a stock in my studio of cards, prints and other little things I sell at events and can post anything to you. Check out my online shop to see what I have in stock!


Can I feature you on my blog/social media/magazine?


Yes! I would love to be involved in whatever you are doing. Please email me at: contact@naomijoyart.com


Can you help raise funds for a charity I am involved in?


I would love to help out as much as time and money allows. I want to help as many local animal charities as possible with my work and I am willing to paint for auctions/to sell or to make t-shirts or cards to sell at events. I ask that you credit me though so that I can continue to gain customers to make money so that I can continue to do this work!



Any other questions please contact me at:  contact@naomijoyart.com