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Not accepting any new commissions

This might come as a slight surprise but I've actually filled my available slots on the run up to Christmas now. This is partly because all of you are awesome and also due to the fact there are some major life changes happening! (Carry on reading below for an explanation)


I was very sick with pneumonia over summer leaving me unable to work for a month, meaning I came out of it pretty skint (thank you to all who have purchased badger prints to support me through this month and last and able to go out and help!). My partner also lost his job during that time (no fault of his own - they shut the place down) and he has been the main bread winner at home and amazingly supported me all these years to pursue my creative endeavours!


Therefore, he has decided to embark on studying a degree this September as he has never done one and at this point in his career it would really boost him up. This obviously means our finances are stretched and I applied for a job at the charity I've been working at one/two days a week up until now. I got the job! However, it will be mostly four days of work a week, which only leaves one day left for painting.


With this knowledge I would like to carry on painting in the time I have but with no pressure - able to create whatever my mind is thinking up at the time. More wildlife, animal rights art work and exploration. I will still be selling originals, prints and cards but mainly through my website rather than events.


I am honouring all the commissions and work currently agreed to up until Christmas - so you'll still see art coming through. After Christmas there will be no more commissions and only my own indulgence!


I have very much enjoyed painting all the commissioned animals I have done and really thank everyone who trusted me to recreate their special animal. It has been a wonderful experience, I've learnt so much and also met so many lovely people.


I hope you continue to follow my art and see where it goes. I'm feeling excited, slightly apprehensive but also hopeful for the future.


I'm sorry if this comes as a disappointment to anyone who wanted to book a painting, that is the part I feel most sad about. However, I have created a list on my website of alternative artists to get commissioned from below!

A list of amazing alternative artists to commission art from!

Phillip Downs Art - UK


A lovely friend of mine that also works with highly detailed acrylic paintings. Also a vegan animal rights artivist and all round great person.


He says, "The price is as varied as the ideas you may dream up, but it generally ranges from about £150 for a simple b/w A4 size portrait, to £400+ for more involved painted work. Pets, people, personal ideas – it can all be turned into Art. Just get in touch! All my work is acrylic paint on canvas board or graphite pencil/black ink on card."


He also has some wonderful art prints to purchase on his website!






Nicola Mclean - UK


A wonderful vegan artist creating very vibrant paintings. She creates commissioned pieces in a big variety of sizes to suit most budgets. I love her cute mini canvases!


Book soon as she's only taking commissions up to start of November! Then back again after Christmas. She also has a wonderful shop full of art work to purchase.






PatchPaw Art - UK


Curently available for commissions, they say,


"I aim to bring the character out in each animal. All of the profit from my commissions goes directly to me saving the lives of stray cats, and orphaned kittens as young as a day old."


Digital art, with a lovely, painterly effect.







Holly Merry Art - UK


A lovely vegan artist and animal rights activist who takes on commissions.


She says, "A4 animal portraits with a watercolour background are £60 UNFRAMED, but does include signed for postage, in you enquiry email please state clearly that this is what you would like and include 1 very clear photo that you would like me to do the drawing from and an addition 2 reference photos. If you would like the piece framed a am more than happy to get a quote of a frame you like, you will then be charged the framing cost plus an extra £10 for delivery on top of the initial £60."






Angela Tubb's Art - UK


Creating very fantastical, cute art work. Another vegan artist who also runs an amazing clothing line called WEAR YOUR VOICE.


She also takes on pet portrait commissions. For a one off present idea she is also offering stencil images onto tshirts and hoodies!









Sarah Harrington


A modern illustrative style, Sarah can flexibly create artwork around what you require. She uses beautiful, bright colours and her work is a joy to look at.







Dozy Art


Neo-trad tatto style portraits or softer hand painted ones, Dozy has an awesome style that is again quite flexible. She is open to commissions.









Paula Menetrey - USA (I believe!)


An incredibly detailed artist (similar style to myself) and paints animals from sancturies too.

She has a variety of prices depending on size.






My Animal Art - USA


Creating pet portraits since 2001 they have 9 different styles to choose from (something for every budget). Really beautiful art work - such a good variety and quality.






LBC vegan art


Very stylised mainly with black ink and pens. Commssion info available on Instagram:






Art with Ethics - NI


An animal rights activist and self taught Artist creating wonderful pieces. She says, "I offer coloured pencil portraits but I can also do watercolor style portraits (all my other art is watercolour, examples of that in my portfolio). "


A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) One subject, head and shoulders only: £65 plus shipping

A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) One subject, head and shoulders only: £90 plus shipping

A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) One subject, full body: £120 plus shipping

A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) Two subjects, head and shoulders only: £130 plus shipping




Robbie Potter - USA


Another lovely vegan Artist who creates imaginative art work.

He is open for commissions and works in a very lovely, expressive way.






Denise Hof Art - Germany


Another amazing artist who is compassionate about animals. Using bold, bright colours in her painting to create fantastic images. (Website in German)






Jo Hanna's Art - AUS


Creating a variety of portraits, another brilliant vegan artist compassionate about animals.








Beth Lynne - USA


Available for pet portraits, another passionate vegan artist.







Michelle Waters - USA


Painting pet portraits for 10 years, a very skilled artist.







I'm sure there are many, many more to choose from to! This is just a small list of people who have put themselves forward to be recommended for commissions. :)

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